mayerhöfer & co is a climate-neutral company! How did we achieve this? At the beginning of 2023, we launched our sustainability program, analyzed all of our company’s CO2 emissions and took measures to reduce them as far as possible. For the remaining emissions, we have chosen an offsetting program with our partner natureOffice that makes us a climate-neutral company.

The climate neutrality mechanism is based on the fact that emissions generated in one place on earth are neutralized by savings and emission reductions elsewhere. We have chosen the climate protection project “Wind Power in Namibia”, which is located in Lüderitz in the Karas region – an area of Namibia with some of the highest wind speeds in the country.

We are proud to have taken a step towards carbon neutrality and will continue to work to improve our sustainability efforts. We are aware that this is an ongoing process and are determined to do our part to protect the climate.

nature Office