In light of the expanding international collaboration within the INFINITA M&A Alliance, we aim to introduce our business partners to our broad network of affiliates. Today, we commence with eponyme partners, our valued partner in France.
eponyme partners is a distinguished mid-cap M&A boutique led by seasoned professionals with strong academic and investment banking backgrounds. Renowned for adaptability, eponyme partners’ expertise spans divestitures, acquisitions, LBOs, equity and debt raising, project finance, and IPO advisory.
With a focus on services, health, consumer goods, transport and logistics, and energy and construction, the team of approx. 20 professionals at eponyme partners offers dedicated teams for a seamless process from initial contact to successful closing.
Each assignment is strategically led by at least one partner, ensuring a personalized and flexible approach that evolves to meet the unique demands of every situation.
In the realm of mergers and acquisitions, eponyme partners stands as a premier professional ally, and we are delighted to have them as our esteemed French partner in the INFINITA M&A Alliance.

Q: What is eponyme partners’ USP?
A: All partners at eponyme combine a longstanding M&A experience and a sectorial expertise acquired at tier-1 international financial institutions. Together with our execution force, this allows eponyme to advise our clients on midcap transactions with a complexity level requiring truly seasoned advisory, usually only available to large-cap contexts.

Q: Why did eponyme partners decide to join the Infinita M&A Alliance?
A: Over the recent years, we developed eponyme’s international involvement, reaching about half of cross-border transactions. Joining Infinita allows to accelerate this trend, partnering with high-quality M&A professionals worldwide and jointly analysing opportunities.

Q: Looking ahead, what exciting developments or initiatives can we anticipate from the partnership between mayerhöfer & co and eponyme partners?
A: Germany and France are the two largest economies in the EU, and were respectively the third and second contributors to each other’s M&A markets in 2022. Opportunity for cooperation between us on cross-border situations is therefore huge, as already materialised by the few situations we have started to work on together.