We are pleased to introduce you to Anastasia Shkola and Sebastian Zeiss. After their internship in our company in the years 2019/2020 and their work as analysts for various companies in the M&A industry, Ana and Sebastian have now returned as associates. Their diverse experiences underline the supportive environment that we create at Mayerhöfer & Co, where internships pave the way for long-lasting careers and mutual growth.
In addition, we are delighted to welcome Simon Funke and Tim Hagemann as analysts at Mayerhöfer & Co. Simon has taken on a permanent role after his internship with us and the completion of his master’s degree in 2023. Tim joined us after working as an analyst in the real estate and corporate finance industry.
The academic backgrounds and skills of our employees are seamlessly aligned with the requirements of our industry. Their enthusiasm to make an active contribution gives our team a dynamic component and promises new potentials for growth.

Striving for Excellence:
The fusion of long-standing experience and youthful energy shapes our team’s commitment to excellence. With diverse skills and backgrounds, we are well equipped to tackle complex challenges in the M&A sector and deliver strategic solutions for our customers. As we embark on this journey together, the commitment of our four new team members underscores our ongoing commitment to promoting talent and maintaining the success of our company.